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As your family grows, so do the outdoor activities you're involved in, and space in your car becomes precious. One way to make room for more family adventures is to load things on your cars roof, and with a wide selection of carriers, from Cycle Carriers and large capacity Roof Boxes, to specialist Khaki Carriers, Thule roof bars are the perfect way to increase the caring capacity of your car.

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As part of it's commitment to developing new, innovative products for active people, Thule have created the Thule Legend Collection; a selection of fully featured GoPro camera cases with a sleek, but tough design that makes them suitable for use during any outdoor activity.

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The new Thule 924 VeloCompact two and three Bike Carriers will be available from February 2015 (Price to be announced).

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For more that 70 years Thule have been dedicated to developing products that make it easier for people to live an active life, by enabling them to easily and safely transport their kit and equipment. Keeping true to the Thule brand tag-line... "Bring Your Life!"

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